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All UC San Diego students who will be embarking on a study abroad program are required to first complete this online general orientation. This hour-long orientation will cover important information including tips on planning for your departure, health and safety considerations abroad, and adjusting to your new culture. It contains important resources and information that will help make your overseas journey a success!

The International Students & Programs Office’s Digital Orientation is a 55-minute online workshop that introduces, informs and instructs new international students studying at UC San Diego on the fundamental concepts of study in the United States. Four sessions comprise the Digital Orientation: Immigration Basics-Maintaining Your F-1 and J-1 Status; Achieving Academic Success; Health, Wellness and Safety; and U.S. Basics. Each session is designed to provide information through an interactive experience while allowing users to go at their own pace. Now, orientation to critical information can be delivered anywhere at any time! This Digital Orientation is the first part of a two-step orientation process. Once students arrive, they are required to participate in the on-campus orientation which fosters continued introduction to the campus and international student community.

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